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Our medical assistance arm consists of the following services:

Medical Housecalls

We offer traveler medical consultation in the comfort of their hotel/home.

Fit to fly assessment of flight crew members and passengers

Feeling ill and not sure if you will be allowed to fly? Our experienced doctors will assess you in a house-call

Medical accompaniment 

If you have a medical condition that prevents you from flying, you may require a medical escort to look after you during the flight. We are experienced in arranging fit to fly assessments, providing fit to fly certificates and also medical escorts to ensure that your medical needs are met during your travels.

Medical Monitoring

Have family members or friends hospitalized in South Africa? Need to be updated on their progress daily? We can liaise with the hospital on your behalf to keep you updated.

Medical translation and interpretation

We specialize in medical translation and interpretation from Chinese Mandarin to English and English to Mandarin. We have expertise in journal-grade scientific writing for publication or for other medical material.

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