Customized Health Intelligence To Help You Navigate This Challenging Time.

Our expert health intelligence consultants are experienced in:

  • ​Predictive Modelling of Epidemics

  • Health Risk Mitigation Strategies for Your Business

  • Scientifically Vetted Solutions For Your Organization

  • Pandemic Preparedness Solutions

  • Expert Public Health Specialists

  • Occupational Health Specialists

  • Recommedations for Return to Work or Return to Operations 

  • COVID-19 Specific Projects

  • Bespoke Medical Advisors for your Healthcare Needs


Dr. Yuchia Tsai is the Global Medical Director for the Health Intelligence Consulting Services. Dr. Tsai is a Medical Doctor trained at the University of the Witwatersrand. She has extensive local and international medical experience in South Africa as well as abroad. She is registered with over 5 Medical Registration Authorities in South Africa, UK, US, Taiwan, Ireland and China as a senior medical practitioner with broad knowledge of international health and emergency medicine.

She received formal training as a clinical virologist and clinical geneticist with degrees in public health (Master of Public Health in Epidemiology and Biostatistics, SPH UCT) and business administration (MBA, GSB UCT). She is also a data scientist, pursuing a PhD in Bioinformatics, which applies big data to further the understanding of medicine.

Her journey with Health Intelligence started in 2008 and she has thorough understanding and insight into all parts of the Healthcare consulting operation, spanning across Medical Assistance, Medical Services, Clinical Auditing, Consulting and Management.

Dr. Tsai has worked with corporations listed in Fortune Global 500, as well as providing medical oversight to the healthcare of the mining sector, the high-tech industry amongst many other sectors in a global setting.

She is also an entrepreneur in the field of precision medicine and telemedicine. In the current setting of a worldwide pandemic, she has actively engaged and guided multiple local and international corporations in this crisis by providing timely and expert guidance such as predictive modelling, advanced insight and business risk mitigation strategies to help with crisis preparation so that organizations can make informed decisions. Dr. Tsai speaks multiple languages and is familiar with working with an international team with cultural awareness and sensitivity.]